Matěj Petříček

Freelance illustrator, web and graphic designer

What can I offer?

Logotypes, illustrations a prints

And much more. With creativity to our goals.

Responsive websites

It's important nowadays to get on your website from phone or tablet. That's the reason why I'm using Bootstrap framework - the ideal solution.


Importance of this way of doing business is obvious.

I know HTML / CSS

And some of the javascript and PHP. Because of that I'm able to convert my designs to templates for CMS by myself.

Jsme na jedné lodi!
Jsem tu proto abych Vám pomohl s tím co umím já, ale potřebuji k tomu i něco od Vás. A to jsou dobré podklady. Pokud si je chytře připravíte, urychlíte tím práci na Vašem projektu a předejdete vlnobitím.


About me

I play violin:

  • I played gypyjazz etc. in Olomouc/CZ with the Live Music Superheroes band
  • I participated on czech babypunk project called Kašpárek v Rohlíku. We had a lot of fun!

I love bicycles:

  • in 2013 I went by bike to Slovenia (500km)
  • in 2015 we went with my friend to Split in Croatia (1300+ km), playing accordeon and violin all the way down
  • both (old & cheap) bikes from those trips stayed in final destinations :(